Rental Equipment

Lift Chairs

  • Medical Supply Superstore rents vinyl Lift Chairs
  • We rent 2 button Lift Chairs
  • Rent to own Lift Chairs (Vinyl Lift Chairs only)

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

  • For people who need Wheelchairs for short periods of time we rent them by the week or month
  • We rent Lightweight , Standard and Transport Chairs
  • Heavy Duty Wheelchairs are also available

Knee walkers

  • Knee walkers are often needed for non weight bearing for short periods of time and are often a better choice than crutches
  • Medical Supply has a huge stock of Knee Walkers


  • Medical Supply rents :
  • Rollators
  • Standard Walkers
  • Walker with wheels and the above Knee Walkers

Hospital Beds

  • Hospital Beds are Readily available for rent and our Technicians will be glad to come set them up
  • We rent Semi-Electric , Full Electric , and Bariatric Hospital Beds
  • You will have your choice of Foam or Innerspring Mattress
  • You will also have the choice of half rails or Full Rails


  • We have rental ramps available for patients as needed
  • Modular , Trifold , and Suitcase Ramps are available for rent
  • Note : We have to come out to your home to assess your needs on Modular Ramps


  • Medical Supply Superstore has lifts to rent that will suit the patients and Caregiver
  • We have hydraulic and Electric lifts
  • We also have both Hoyer and Sit To Stand Lifts


  • Scooters and Wheelchairs are available for rent by the week or month
  • Our Rental Scooters are portable and break down for east transportation and storage
  • Power Chairs and Scooters can be done as rent to own